Appraisal Bid Request

There are three options for obtaining a bid for an evaluation or appraisal. The fastest and easiest method is to fill out one of the two following forms.

If this is for a new appraised value on a property previously appraised by our firm, use the Bid-Request – Prior Appraisal. All others use the Bid-Request – New Appraisal.

There are two other options available.

  • 1. Email at and please provide as much information as possible – see the following form
  • 2. You can call at 218.839.9377 during normal business hours, or leave a detailed message after hours

Bid Request – Prior Appraisal

Please leave an email to receive the bid and correspondence.
Please leave the best number to be reached.
Please provide my file number which will start with LA and have 8 numbers. EX: LA1091-0123

Bid Request – New Appraisal

Please leave the best email for correspondence.
Please leave the best number to be reached.
Place XXX and Street Name if there is no number
This is required by Minnesota Law
If the property does not fit into a category, or contains two or more property types just pick one category. There is a field for notes.
This field is optional. Details are helpful here if available. Ex. - 100% Owner occupied, Existing Office with Proposed Renovations, Operating Seasonal Resort
The intended users can be added after the bid. However, all intended users need to be identified at the start of the project.
Please see the following choice
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